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A band rider, tour rider or backstage rider are all terms that denote legal documents in which a band or musical act lists requests that each venue on tour must fulfill, according to Loudwire. Unusual requests in riders ensure each venue pays attention to every detail, including speaker arrangement, electrical hookups and stage props.

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Perhaps the most famous band rider request is Van Halen's 1982 rider about brown M&Ms removed from the group's candy, according to The Smoking Gun. Ever since then, rider requests have gotten even more bizarre, in some cases. Jennifer Lopez requested a minimum 40-foot trailer with all-white furniture, white flowers, white drapes, white candles and white couches. Other flowery decor included yellow roses with red trim, white lilies and white roses. Lopez's requests were for a dressing room for a cameo performance in a music video for just one day of shooting.

Slayer's requests for the 2011 Fun Fun Fun Fest included 50,000 live bees, 100 snow-white goats for slaughter, a human skull filled with Red Hots and a tray of sandwiches arranged in the shape of a pentagram. Loudwire reveals the band also asked for four Lite Brites, two shoeboxes to hide the band's Grammy Awards, a ping-pong table, 10 cases of Go-Gurt, a zamboni and four black yoga ball chairs in their dressing room.

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