How Do You Bail Someone Out of Jail?

People can bail others out of jail by paying the bail amount themselves or by paying part of the bail amount to a bail bonds company, who in turns posts the remaining amount, notes The Law Dictionary. Regardless of the method, people do not get back the amount of bail they posted on behalf of someone else unless that person attends their required court dates.

Someone who wants to bail an inmate out of jail may do so by posting the full amount of the bail, and in some cases, he may be required to do so because a judge has made cash-only payments a requirement of release, states the Law Dictionary. To post cash bonds, citizens should call the jail where the inmate is being held, ask the amount of the bail, then report to the jail's booking office with the necessary amount.

In cases where judges did not set cash bail amounts, or the amount is so high that a person can't afford to put it up in cash, he can utilize the services of a bail bonds company, according to the Law Dictionary. Someone who uses bail bonds services generally puts up 10 percent of the bail, and the agency covers the remainder. If the inmate who bonded out does not meet the requirement of his release, and a judge revokes bail, the person who posted the 10 percent may be responsible for reimbursing the bail bonds agency.