Will Bad Credit Affect Your HUD Senior Housing Eligibility in Delaware?


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Bad credit does not affect housing eligibility for senior citizens in Delaware, according to the Department of Housing and Urban Development. HUD determines eligibility for housing assistance based on the applicant's annual gross income, U.S. citizenship status, and whether the applicant is a senior citizen, family or disabled person.

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HUD checks applicant references to ensure that the landlord rents to a good tenant, and denies applications where the applicant's history shows that he may cause harm to the property or other tenants. The applicant needs to provide supporting documentation with his application, including a tax return and birth certificate, and his gross income must be between 50 percent and 80 percent of the median income for the county, explains HUD. HUD gives preference to the applicant with the greatest housing need.

The Delaware State Housing Authority has four housing assistance programs available for senior citizens, according to its website. In public housing, the tenant lives in a housing authority-owned complex and pays a percentage of the rent, while the federal government pays the other portion. The housing choice voucher, formerly called a Section 8 voucher, allows the renter to choose his own housing, and the voucher pays part of the rent. Subsidized housing rents units based on household income, but the tenant cannot take the subsidy with him if he moves out of the unit. Tax credit units are not subsidized, but have monthly rent lower than market rate, and the tenant must pay full rent and utilities.

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