How Do You Get a Background Check?

How Do You Get a Background Check?

A simple way to obtain a thorough background check is to obtain the subject's photo identification and Social Security number, choose a type of background check and submit the application to a background check agency. The subject must consent to the process, and getting the results back takes approximately five days.

  1. Print out the consent form

    Print out the background check consent form used by your agency of choice. These blank forms are often available on the agency's website.

  2. Obtain the subject's consent and identifying information

    Give the subject the background check consent form. Ask him to read and sign it and to submit his photo identification card and Social Security card. Photocopy the cards, and return them to the subject.

  3. Determine the extent of the background check

    Determine the type of information you wish to include in the background check. Basic background checks include Social Security verification, a county criminal records search and a partial employment history. Comprehensive background checks include state and federal criminal histories, credit checks, professional license verifications, sex offender registry searches and workers' compensation claim reports.

  4. Submit the query and payment

    Submit the background check request form and payment to the background check agency, and wait the allotted time to receive the results.