How Do You Avoid Traffic Fines?


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Traffic fines can be avoided by getting familiar with a state's traffic law, driving at a speed within the absolute speed limit and keeping an eye out for patrol cars on highways, says HowStuffWorks. Avoiding attracting attention to your vehicle is also helpful, states FindLaw.

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The website of the Department of Motor Vehicles provides information regarding traffic laws in different states, explains HowStuffWorks. Driving as per these rules at all times of the day is the best way to avoid traffic fines.

Law enforcement personnel monitor driving speeds via cars, motorcycles and airplanes on highways, explains FindLaw. It is always better to keep an eye out for traffic police when driving to avoid a ticket. Keeping the windows and mirrors of a vehicle clean helps drivers spot highway patrol vehicles quickly.

Some ways of ensuring that a vehicle does not catch the attention of patrol cars are to ensure car windows are tinted within a state's acceptable limits, never flashing headlights at slow drivers, and avoiding the use of radar detectors, flashy car accessories and bumper stickers, states FindLaw. Replacing worn tires and keeping vehicles clean and in good condition is recommended. Additionally, drivers should only use the left lane when passing slower motorists.

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