What Is the Average Settlement for a Slip and Fall?


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The average slip and fall claim is worth at least the value of the resulting medical bills, according to Nolo. The claimant often also receives payment for future bills, lost wages, lost earning capabilities and other incidental values.

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What Is the Average Settlement for a Slip and Fall?
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The primary factor in determining the value of a slip and fall claim is the cost of present and future medical bills, states Nolo. Depending on where the accident occurs, the value is based on the bill sent to the health care provider or the total value which the health care provider agrees to pay. In some cases, the provider agrees upon a value which is lower than the true value, but this varies according to jurisdiction.

It is also possible to receive money for pain and suffering, but this value is the hardest to pinpoint exactly. In most cases, an attorney uses the base value from medical bills and applies a multiplier based on the severity of present and future pain that the claimant experiences, according to Nolo. In severe cases in which the victim experiences lifelong pain, this multiplier is up to five times the total of the present and future medical bills. Potential pain which may appear later in life as a result of the accident is also calculated.

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