How Do You Find an Attorney's State Bar Number?

How Do You Find an Attorney's State Bar Number?

The state bar association of each state maintains its own online resource to allow the public to find important information about lawyers, including their state bar numbers and contact information. These websites function similarly, but some have more search options and information than others, as can be found on each state bar association's website, such as The Florida Bar and the State Bar of Texas.

The Florida Bar provides the option to search for a lawyer based on numerous criteria, as noted on the site. Each lawyer's profile contains the relevant state bar number.

  1. Visit the website of The Florida Bar
  2. Go to The Florida Bar's website with a browser. Click the "Find a Lawyer" button in the header menu.

  3. Provide the lawyer's details
  4. Enter the first and last name of the lawyer or the firm name. Use the drop-down menu to narrow the search to a specific city or county in Florida. Click the "More options" link to reveal other criteria, such as practice areas, law schools, services offered and languages spoken. Click the "Search" button to perform the search.

  5. Locate the lawyer
  6. The list displays lawyers who match the search criteria. Each lawyer's state bar number is below their name, with a note that indicates eligibility to practice law in Florida.

The State Bar of Texas provides a similar tool, with several more search options. Follow these steps below to find a lawyer's state bar number in Texas.

  1. Access the State Bar of Texas website
  2. Visit the website of the State Bar of Texas. Move the cursor over the "Find a Lawyer" tab in the header, and click the "Advanced search" link.

  3. Search for a lawyer
  4. The search tool allows the public to search based on legal services, location, certification and contact information. If the lawyer's name is known, enter it in the contact information fields and click the "Submit" button.

  5. Review the results
  6. The site displays a list of all matches. Click on a specific name to open the lawyer's full profile. The full profile shows the lawyer's bar card number and other details, such as practice information, contact information, courts of admittance and public disciplinary history.