How Do You Find an Attorney for Bed Bug Cases?


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Find an attorney for a bed bug case by searching online attorney portals such as bedbuglaw.com, the website says. This website has an interactive map for users to select the state in which they need to find an attorney in.

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Legal Match also has a search portal for users to find attorneys to handle their bed bug cases, Legal Match explains.

Landlords and hotel owners have a legal obligation to keep their guests and tenants safe and ensure the property is fit for habitation, Legal Match explains. The legal term for this is the implied warranty of habitability. If the owner or landlord allowed the property to fall into disrepair or allow pest infestations, they may be held liable for any harmful results. Some states have laws that require the property owner to disclose the presence of bed bugs, and failure to make that disclosure could mean the owner or landlord is held accountable.

If a tenant or hotel guest is injured or suffers health problems due to bed bug bites, the landlord or hotel owner may need to pay compensation, states Legal Match. The amount of compensation could be higher if the tenant or guest is able to prove the landlord or owner knew about the infestation and did not take reasonable steps to rectify the situation.

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