How Do You Find an Attorney in the ARAG Network?

Find an attorney within the ARAG network by visiting the company's website at and signing up for an account, reports ARAG. With an account, clients have access to attorneys who are categorized by legal specialty, listed under the Research Your Legal Issue heading.

ARAG offers a clients a network of attorneys available by telephone or office visit, according to the company website. To phone or schedule a visit, select the legal category that best suits your issue under the Research Your Legal Issue Heading. A drop-down menu appears with a list of categories, including identity theft, caregiving, estate administration and divorce, among others. Once you've researched your legal issue, select a specialist lawyer within the category, and sign up for an ARAG insurance plan.

ARAG offers legal insurance in much the same way as health care companies offer health care insurance. A client selects the plan that suits her needs out of the three plans offered by ARAG. Clients pay a monthly fee and have access to lawyers and services for discounted rates, states ARAG. In addition to a nationwide network of attorneys, clients also have access to a customer care center and an online legal library. ARAG offers one plan that does not incur a monthly fee, the Legal Now plan, which helps individuals with existing legal issues.