Is the ATF Form-4473 Available in a Fillable Format Online?

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives provides a fillable electronic version of ATF Form-4473 on its website, according to the ATF. The fillable form is officially called e-Form 4473 and is downloadable.

E-Form 4473 automatically populates certain information to ensure accuracy and prevent omissions of necessary information. For example, when a ZIP code is entered, the city and state fields automatically populate, explains the ATF. The form is available in Windows- or Macintosh-compatible versions and requires Internet access to complete.

Form 4473 is the Federal Firearms Transaction Record, which must be filled out and submitted when a person purchases a firearm from a holder of a federal firearm license, reports the ATF. Paper versions of the form are also available free of charge.