What Are Some Aspects of Larry Hoover's GD Creed?

The GD, or Gangster Disciples, creed praises the group's leader, Larry Hoover, and sets out a general framework for each member's commitment to the group. Throughout the paean, Larry Hoover is referred to as the Gangster Disciple's "honorable chairman" and makes reference to the "vision of our great leader."

Though it is difficult to find an official or endorsed version of the Gangster Disciple's Creed, a version that bears resemblance to reports by reputable media outlets focuses on selfless support of the group's goals and priorities. The Creed repeatedly emphasizes the importance of the group over individual needs by stating, "I will not be selfish except for the sake of preservation of the organization" and, "I will be willing to endure my share."

The Creed also identifies a set of values that it calls the Six Points. These are love, life, loyalty, wisdom, knowledge and understanding. After this, the Creed makes numerous references to the length of the commitment to the Gangster Disciples, which seems to be lifelong. It includes phrases such as, "as long as I stand proudly under the true blue sky" and a promise to "never abandon our Struggle, as in all struggles I realize that sacrifices must be made."

In the last lines of the Creed, members of the organization explicitly align themselves with the vision of their leader, which promises wealth and social status to a "special group of folks" as well as commitment to the creation of a "positive and productive" organization that works concertedly toward the goals of its leader.