What Are Some Aspects of Air Force Basic Training?


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Air Force basic training is an eight-week process that teaches recruits a variety of necessary skills and information, including combat, handling weapons and the history of the Air Force. The process begins with an orientation, and graduation occurs during Week Seven.

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At orientation, recruits receive haircuts and meet their military training instructors. Week One is Fall In week, where recruits learn basic information about life in the Air Force and perform physical conditioning. Week Two is the first Airmanship week, which involves learning about Air Force history and handling weapons. Recruits also learn about their roles in the Air Force during this week.

Week Three focuses on countering threats. Topics include mental preparation for combat and information on the many threats that recruits may encounter. Week Four involves basic war skills, such as first aid, firing positions and tactical movements. Week Five, which is one of the most challenging weeks, tests recruits in combat and other skills.

Week Six is the second Airmanship week. This week focuses on life skills, such as financial management and environmental awareness. Recruits also learn more about the history of the Air Force and receive physical evaluations.

Week Seven is Graduation week, where friends and family of recruits gather to celebrate what all the recruits have accomplished. As the final week, Week Eight is less restrictive for recruits and focuses on reinforcing Air Force values.

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