What Is an Asbestos Class Action Lawsuit?


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A class action lawsuit is a claim that one or more people bring to court on behalf of a much larger group with the same complaint, states Asbestos.com. Claimants in asbestos-related class action lawsuits typically seek financial compensation for the health complications of mesothelioma, a form of lung cancer that results from asbestos exposure, explains Top Class Actions.

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What Is an Asbestos Class Action Lawsuit?
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A class action lawsuit legally binds a group of plaintiffs, protects their interests, and spreads legal costs among many people with similar claims, according to Cornell University Law School. Different procedural rules guide the administration of class actions in various state and federal courts. Claimants file an asbestos class action lawsuit against a company that fails to protect its employees from asbestos exposure. Defendants in the lawsuit include manufacturers, mining firms and distributors of asbestos-related products, says Asbestos.com.

Claimants are free to join a class action lawsuit or opt out and pursue the claim on their own, explains Asbestos.com. Patients seeking a quick settlement sometimes opt for an out-of-court settlement. A factor that plays into all asbestos class action lawsuits is the likelihood of conflict between present and future claimants, since part of the potential awards for future claims end up settling present claims, argues Top Class Actions.

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