What Is the Army UIC Search System?


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The UICSS, or Unit Identification Code Search System, is a mechanism designating all United States military entities as recognized by the Department of Defense. While all Army units are no doubt represented, the system is not unique to that arm of service, as it covers every branch, including active, reserve and National Guard.

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The UICSS identifies each individual unit through a six-character alphanumeric code, with each segment of the code offering a different piece of critical information regarding the arm of service, parent or child unit. The first character is always a single letter, running A through Z, identifying what is called the "service designator." This could be the specific branch of service, such as Army, but also additional agencies that include the state department, judicial branch, postal service, treasury department or even individual state governments.

The following segment of the code can be both alphabetic and numeric and usually reflects the organization and parent units within an individual branch of service. For instance, Army coding is usually divided between TOE (table of organization and expenditures), which are marked by letters A through L less I, and TDA (table of distribution and allowances), which are marked by numbers one through six less five. The last segment typically identifies the child unit involved and its specific characteristics. For example, an Army parent battalion may be labeled "AA," whereas its A company is marked "AO."

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