What Are the Army Reserve Requirements for Enlisting?


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Any U.S. citizen or resident alien between the ages of 17 and 35 can join the Army Reserve, and a high school diploma or General Educational Development certificate is mandatory. Applicants must pass a standard military physical exam to be considered. Additional enlistment requirements vary by military branch.

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What Are the Army Reserve Requirements for Enlisting?
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Army Reserve training and service duties follow the guidelines and organizational structure of the U.S. military. Army Reserve recruits attend basic training and learn similar skill sets as regular active-duty troops. Unlike full-time active duty service members, those serving in reserve units participate on a part-time basis and are able to hold civilian jobs. Individuals can attend college full time while serving in the reserves, and many members are able to serve near home. Army Reserve duty typically requires one weekend a month of military training to maintain skills, and service terms range from three to six years.

The Army Reserve began in 1917 as the Medical Reserve Corps, which was renamed the Organized Reserve Corps in 1948. Reserve units managed activities performed by the Civilian Conservation Corps during the Great Depression. The ORC answered the call of the Army to serve during World War II, and many officers were reservists. Women began serving in the ORC as nurses and medical personnel after the war ended.

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