How does the army help prevent soldiers from getting blisters on their feet?


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For blister prevention, the Army recommends that soldiers wear synthetic-blend socks, which keep water from hugging the feet and lead to less friction on the soldiers' feet. If soldiers sense blisters forming, the army recommends they apply moleskin or liquid skin to protect the sensitive area.

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The fundamental cause of blisters is friction. Socks, dampened from sweat or from outside moisture, have a higher friction coefficient and rub and irritate the skin more. In addition, wet skin irritates easier. Soldiers can prevent blisters by maintaining their boots so that water doesn't enter the boot and soak or dampen the sock.

The military also recommends soldiers wear a pair of synthetic-blend socks underneath the outer pair of socks to both shield from moisture and to reduce friction. If a sock has large seams or stitches that may rub repeatedly on the foot over time, the military recommends that soldiers turn the sock inside out to remove the irritant.

If a small blister forms, soldiers take care not to pop the blister, as the skin protects the area and provides the best environment for healing. If a large blister causes pain, the military recommends soldiers heat up a needle to disinfect it, poke a hole in the top of the blister to let out any liquid and then apply a bandage.

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