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The Army version of the Hummer is the Highly Mobile Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle, nicknamed the Humvee. It is a large all-terrain vehicle designed to replace the Jeep as the Army's primary mode of personnel transportation. The commercially available civilian model is named the Hummer and was created because of the popularity that the military version gained during the Persian Gulf War. The Hummer was built in the full size H1 model and a smaller version called the H2.

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Although the vehicles have significant differences, both were manufactured by the American company AM General. The civilian Hummer is a high-end SUV that is equipped with many comfort features, including a Monsoon audio system, heated windshield, a lighted visor, cup holders and power mirrors. The military Humvee comes with none of those but does offer chemical agent resistant coating in camouflage, ballistic protection, an optional turret with a machine gun mount, M16 rifle mounts and a blackout lighting mode for night operations.

The Hummer line was discontinued in 2010 as part of the bankruptcy settlement for General Motors. The Humvee is still the workhorse of the U.S. military and several other countries' armed forces, although the Army has begun shopping for its replacement, as of 2015. The Humvee was originally designed for fast troop movements during the Cold War, and its weakness against close-in attacks and improvised explosive devices has been exposed during recent Middle Eastern deployments.

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