What Are the Arkansas Voting Districts?


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Arkansas's voting districts include the state's congressional, state senate and state house districts. The state has four congressional districts, 35 state senate districts and 100 state house districts.

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The state of Arkansas includes four congressional districts as of 2015, each electing a representative to the U.S. House of Representatives. In 2011, the state redrew its congressional district borders in a process known as redistricting. Federal law requires that each congressional district have approximately equal populations and that redistricting comply with Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act, which prohibits drawing voting districts to purposefully dilute the votes of minority voters.

Individual states are responsible for creating their own redistricting procedures. In Arkansas, the Arkansas General Assembly is responsible for drawing congressional districts, with all plans requiring approval from both the state Senate and House of Representatives. The governor has the authority to veto any redistricting plans.

State legislative districts are drawn by the Arkansas Board of Appointment, which includes the governor, secretary of state and attorney general. The Arkansas Constitution requires that state legislative districts be contiguous and follow county lines except when necessary to meet other legal requirements. No such requirement exists for congressional districts, which do not necessarily follow county lines. State senators are elected every four years and are limited to serving two terms in office. Representatives in the state House are elected to serve two-year terms, and they are limited to three terms.

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