What Are Some Arizona Statutes That Have Been Revised?


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Arizona has revised statutes regarding public records, child custody and restaurant licenses. Revised statutes deal with the inspection and maintenance of public records, parenting time and issuance of restaurant licenses.

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Under the new laws pertaining to public records, any person is entitled to inspect public records at any time during office hours. In addition, anyone has the right to request to review copies of public records during regular office hours. Anyone who has requested to examine public records and has been denied access to such records can appeal through the superior court. Individuals who have wrongfully been denied access to public records have a cause of action against the agent. Those who intend to use copies of public records for commercial purpose must provide a statement describing how they are planning to use the information.

Arizona’s revised statutes regarding child custody grant authority to courts to determine parenting time with respect to the child’s best physical and emotional interest. The court needs to take into account the past, present, and potential future relationship of the child with the parents as well as the child’s adjustment to home and community.

Arizona's revised statutes regarding the issuance of restaurant licenses state that any restaurant in Arizona that is regularly open, has a suitable kitchen facility and serves food to customers for compensation may obtain a restaurant license.

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