What Are Some Arguments Used in U.S. Senate Votes on Gun Control?


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Some arguments used in U.S. Senate votes from supporters of gun control are that more stringent screening laws keep guns out of the hands of mentally ill and potentially violent people and that fewer available guns lead to fewer guns ending up on the street. A common argument used by opponents of gun control relates to the protection of American citizens' right to carry guns under the Second Amendment.

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Gun control votes in the Senate are often spurred by violent events happening in the public eye. Supporters of gun control suggest that tougher screening and background checks could prevent similar attacks in the future. Another common argument used by supporters of gun control laws pertains to the type of guns available to consumers: many argue that assault-type weapons have no place in a market where guns are being bought and sold for the purpose of self-defense.

Opponents of gun control take a stance that prioritizes self-defense and the protection of individual liberties under the Second Amendment. Another argument commonly used by opponents of gun control on the Senate floor is that if people are unable to use guns to defend themselves, the only people using them are those who obtained them illegally.

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