What Are Some Arguments Against Foreign Aid?

arguments-against-foreign-aid Credit: AFP/AFP/Getty Images

Arguments against the provision of foreign aid include the creation of a dependent relationship between the recipient and donor and the difficulty in ensuring that the aid filters to those most in need, according to the BBC. A country may feel obligated to accept aid in the form of a loan as an immediate solution to a critical problem even though the loan will be very difficult to repay.

Helping out those in dire need is typically thought of as an altruistic endeavor, but in some instances, the delivery of foreign aid benefits the donor more than it does the recipient. Negotiated aid packages may include conditions stipulating that foreign countries take charge of development projects and also take a share of the resources provided and the gains realized. Misuse of funding or corruption at any level of the political structure may divert aid delivered in the form of goods or money and prevent equitable sharing of assistance.

Despite the potential disadvantages, foreign aid plays an essential role in saving lives jeopardized by hazardous conditions and events, rebuilding after catastrophic destruction, providing safe and healthy living conditions, and collaborating to deliver food and assist with an independent food development program.