What Are the Area Codes in Canada?

What Are the Area Codes in Canada?

An area code is the first three digits of a phone number. There are 39 Canadian area codes that differ based on the region of the providence or territory.

The Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut share the same area code, 867. Because of the low population of these territories, only one area code is needed. The province of British Columbia uses 236, 250 and 778. The British Columbia Lower Mainland also uses 236 and 778 as well as 604.

The province of Alberta uses the area codes 587, 780, 825, and 403, while Saskatchewan uses 306 and 639. The codes in use in Manitoba are 204 and 431.

Ontario, the most populated of the provinces and territories, uses 807, 249, 705, 226, 519, 548, 289, 365, 905, 343, and 613. The capital of Ontario, Toronto, uses different area codes from the rest of the province, including 416, 437 and 647. Quebec, the largest province by area, is affiliated with the area codes of 819, 873, 418, 581, 450 and 579. Montreal, the capital of Quebec, uses the area codes 438 and 514.

New Brunswick uses the area code 506. Nova Scotia uses 782 and 902. Lastly, the province of Newfoundland and Labrador uses the area code 709.