What Are Aramark ICare Packages?

Aramark iCare packages are pre-packaged gifts that family members can send to their loved ones in prison. As of 2015, Aramark iCare sells various packages that include candies, coffee, snacks and personal care items such as shampoo and deodorant.

Types of snacks that come in Aramark iCare packages include peanut butter, ramen, rice krispies treats and Gardettos. Others include Fritos, pickles, tuna and mayonnaise. Some facilities allow Aramark to send hot meats to inmates through its FreshFavorites program. FreshFavorites offers various entrees, pizza, burgers and diet meals for purchase by inmates' friends and family.

The types of Aramark iCare packages available depend on the correctional facility. Different correctional facilities have different rules and regulations, such as limits on spending. However, Aramark is aware of these rules and prompts users for the location of the inmate who will be receiving the iCare package.

The benefit of sending a care package through Aramark iCare instead of a package prepared independently is that Aramark iCare already knows what is permitted at each correctional facility the company serves; Aramark iCare customers do not have to worry about their care package being rejected upon arrival.

According to the Aramark iCare website, Aramark delivers the iCare packages on the next scheduled delivery day permitted by the correctional facility. It accepts payments made with either Visa or MasterCard.