How Do You Apply for WIC?


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To apply for the Women, Infants and Children Program, contact your state Department of Health, and get an appointment at your local agency. Go to the appointment with the children you want certified. Provide proof of income, address and identity at the agency. Then, have the necessary medical examinations.

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  1. Contact your state Department of Heath

    Check to see if the state where you live has a website where you can find the contact information. Call them directly if you do not have access to a website. Call the local agency to which the state department directs you.

  2. Make an appointment

    Make an appointment for certification. Schedule it at a time you can attend with your children.

  3. Gather proof of eligibility

    Collect proof of income, proof of where you live and proof of your identity. Check with the local agency as to what documentation is acceptable for verification.

  4. Attend the appointment with the children you want certified

    Get to the appointment on time, allowing yourself plenty of time for the entire application process. Bring all the children eligible for certification. Present the evidence of income, identity and address. Answer all questions asked about your family's health and nutrition.

  5. Submit to medical tests, if necessary

    Allow yourself and your children to be weighed and measured. Allow blood tests, if necessary.

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