How Do You Apply for Welfare?

How Do You Apply for Welfare?

To apply for welfare, familiarize yourself with the income, work and citizenship requirements, and make sure you meet them. Gather all the necessary paperwork, find your local office, and go there to apply in person.

  1. Learn the income requirements

    Learn the income requirements set forth by your state, and be sure that you meet them.

  2. Learn the job requirements

    Familiarize yourself with the job requirements your state has in place and make certain you meet these requirements. While these requirements vary, most states require that you work or participate in a job-readiness program from a minimum of 30 hours a week to qualify.

  3. Learn the citizenship requirements

    Be sure that you have been a resident of your state for the period of time required to be eligible.

  4. Gather your paperwork

    Gather any paperwork you have that supports the fact that you meet the program requirements. This includes income verification and social security numbers for all household members and proof of income.

  5. Locate your local office

    Locate your local family services office by searching through your local phone directory or by utilizing tools available online.

  6. Apply in person

    Take all the supporting documents you have gathered to your local office to apply in person. A face-to-face interview is often necessary to complete the application process for welfare.