How Do You Apply for a Veteran Disability Pension?

Individuals can apply for a Veterans disability pension online at the Veterans Administration's website, or they can complete the applications and mail to their local Veterans Administration office. Individuals can also apply for benefits by phone.

Applicants must provide information regarding their disability at the time they submit their applications. Applicants should be as specific as possible, providing the dates the applicant began to exhibit symptoms. For every disability listed, the time to process the claim increases, so applicants should only list disabilities for which they've received a medical diagnosis.

Applicants should submit any medical records that support their claims for disability along with their application. If the applicant does not have his records, the Veterans Administration can request them on his behalf.

It can take anywhere from a few months up to three or more years for the initial claim to be processed and approved by the Veteran's Administration. The VA offers a Fast Track program that allows applicants to speed up the processing of claims provided that all medical records are submitted with the original claim for benefits. The VA gives applicants up to a year to submit all medical evidence, but the sooner the evidence is submitted, the faster the claim can be processed.