How Do You Apply for Unemployment Benefits?

How Do You Apply for Unemployment Benefits?

To apply for unemployment benefits, find out if you are eligible, gather all the needed documentation and fill out and return the application. Begin looking for a job to maintain your eligibility for benefits.

  1. Find out if you are eligible

    Check with your state unemployment insurance office to determine your eligibility for unemployment benefits. Call them, visit their website, or visit the office in person to learn the requirements.

  2. Obtain the necessary paperwork

    The state unemployment insurance office has the paperwork you need to fill out as well as a list of the required documentation.

  3. Gather the information

    You must supply a list of your recent employers and the dates you were employed with them. You also need evidence concerning the last job you lost.

  4. Submit the paperwork

    Once you have all the necessary documentation, submit it to the unemployment insurance office.

  5. Look for a new job

    Most states require you to look for a new job as a condition of receiving unemployment benefits, so be certain you do so routinely. If necessary, obtain help through the office to update your resume, improve skills or even find job openings.

  6. Update your information at the employment office

    Keep the unemployment insurance office updated with any changes in your circumstances and the progress of your job hunt. Keep all of your appointments to ensure that your benefits continue.