How Do You Apply for a TV License?

How Do You Apply for a TV License?

You can apply for a TV license online at the website for the Federal Communications Commission. As of July 2014, however, the FCC has stated that it is not accepting any new applications until all TV stations convert to digital broadcasting. No expected date is given for the end of this process.

  1. Hire an attorney

    As long as the FCC isn't accept applications, the odds of getting a TV license are very slim. Even in the event they are taking applications, you will greatly benefit from the assistance of someone with a professional background in broadcast law.

  2. Buy a television station

    Stations are owned by people and corporations. The FCC owns the airwaves and grants access to the airwaves with licenses. From time to time, the ownership of television stations changes. The FCC does not keep track of what stations are for sale or even their phone numbers because phone numbers frequently change. Check online with one of the companies that broker the sale of broadcast stations, such as Media Services Group.

  3. Fill out paperwork

    The process of applying for a TV license is arduous and requires significant paperwork. Be prepared to fill out numerous forms with the help of your attorney to complete the process.