How Do You Apply for Short Term Disability Coverage?


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To apply for short-term disability, an employee has to know if he has this type of coverage and whether he qualifies for it. For example, if a worker has coverage through a state program, he can file a claim if he meets certain requirements such as having worked a certain length of time or meeting minimum earnings as established by some states, notes DisabilitySecrets.com.

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Short-term disability coverage is for injuries or illnesses that are not work-related. Additionally, pregnant women may also be eligible for this type of disability. States, such as New York, California and Hawaii, have short-term or temporary disability programs; however, many other states do not have them, Similarly, some employers may provide short-term disability insurance for their employees, or workers also can buy this type of insurance, states DisabilitySecrets.com.

If a worker is eligible for short-term disability, he needs to go through the application process by making a claim either with a state's department of labor that covers these programs or an insurance company. Employees applying for disability payments also must provide medical records or submit to a medical exam. Depending on the state, disability benefits may last from 26 to 52 weeks; benefits are weekly payments that are about 60 percent of a worker's earnings. It is important to note that short-term disability benefits are not the same as workers' compensation benefits, which are for work-related injuries, notes FindLaw.com.

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