How Do You Apply for Section 8 Housing?

How Do You Apply for Section 8 Housing?

To apply for Section 8 housing, verify that you meet the eligibility requirements, fill out and submit an application, and provide all requested documentation. A face-to-face interview is also required.

  1. Determine eligibility

    In order to qualify for Section 8, you must meet income guidelines, be a citizen of the United States and have no prior evictions on record. Criminal and drug charges can also disqualify you from receiving approval for Section 8.

  2. Complete an application

    Fill out an application that includes personal information as well as income information. Find an application online or at the local housing authority office. Be sure the information provided is true and complete.

  3. Submit the application

    Submit the completed application to the local housing authority office. Some cities offer online submission. Perform online research, or check with a housing authority agent to be sure of the submission process.

  4. Attend an interview

    Attend an interview with a local agent, and discuss the information provided on the application. Provide the agent with all necessary documentation. If the application is submitted online, an agent will be in contact with an interview time and date.

  5. Wait for approval

    Wait for official word of approval from an agent or a mail notification that you qualify.