How Do You Apply for Section 8 in Fresno, CA?

Applications for Section 8 housing are only available online at the Fresno Housing Authority’s website. The application process for the Fresno Housing Choice Voucher Program first requires registration for the preliminary waiting list. Families are placed on the preliminary waiting list, then pulled to create a formal wait list. When funding is available, pre-applicants are selected at random using a lottery system.

  1. Gather documents to prove eligibility

    Gather documents to affirm income, employment, residency and veteran or disabled status if applicable. Procure as much information as possible to satisfy the authority’s income limits, which, as of July 2014, are $30,650 and below for an individual, $35,000 for a family of 2, $39,400 for a family of 3 and $43,750 for a family of 4.

  2. Register for the preliminary waiting list

    Visit the Fresno Housing Authority’s website to register for the Housing Choice Voucher Program’s preliminary wait list. Select the site’s Applicant Portal to proceed with registration. Create an account with the Fresno Housing authority and proceed by answering all questions and information requests. Submit the application to ensure placement on the waiting list.

  3. Renew application and review program details

    After registering, applicants must wait for lottery drawings. Lotteries are held when funds are made available. Selected applicants are notified by the Housing Authority of their entry into the program. While waiting to be selected, visit the GoSection8 website to view available rental units in Fresno. Be sure to report preference status or changes in address within 10 days of the occurrence by visiting the Fresno Housing Authority’s website and utilizing the Quick Links section in the Application Portal. If not selected within 12 months of registering, visit the application portal to renew the application cycle.