How Do You Apply for Public Aid?


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Apply for public aid by visiting Benefits.gov to utilize the Benefit Finder, which helps to determine the public aid you may qualify for, Benefits.gov explains. From there, you can follow the instructions on how to apply for the aid you qualify for.

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The Benefits.gov website also features an interactive map where applicants can choose the state in which they're looking for public aid benefits, and that link brings them to more detailed information regarding the benefits available in that particular state. Citizens can also find information about free grant money at Benefits.gov, according to the website.

Public aid available for individuals and families include Social Security benefits, SNAP (food stamps) benefits, TANF (welfare) benefits, Medicaid, Medicare and unemployment benefits, The Atlantic explains. As of 2012, more than one-half of all Americans have received some type of public aid. Other forms of public aid include veterans assistance and benefits, as well as aid for college students.

People who have been affected by some type of natural disaster can find information on how to apply for public aid at DisasterAssistance.gov. This website allows the user to enter her address in order to determine if her area has been declared a federal disaster area, DisasterAssistance.gov explains.

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