How Do You Apply for Permanent Residence in Canada?

To apply for permanent residence in Canada, verify that you are eligible for residence and fill out an application, according to the Government of Canada. Permanent residence is for people who want residence in Canada by immigrating to the country, but don’t want to become a Canadian citizen. The individual is still a citizen of her own country.

Applying for permanent residence in Canada is not required of someone living there temporarily, such as someone who is a student in Canada, notes the Government of Canada. Anyone coming to Canada as a refugee doesn't need to go through the traditional route of applying. Instead, refugees get permanent residence through the Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program or Government-Assisted Refugee Program. The refugee board needs to approve any claims made.

After being approved for permanent residence, the individual is given a permanent resident card, says the Government of Canada. With this, she can enter the country at any time by commercial vehicle. She needs to carry this card at all times for easy entry into the country when traveling. Permanent residents of Canada are able to live or work in Canada and get social benefits, such as health care coverage, and ability to apply for citizenship. Before applying, she needs to determine eligibility based on family members, education, age, nationality, language and work experience.