How Do You Apply for Permanent Disability Payments?


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To apply for permanent disability payments, visit SocialSecurity.gov and download and study the adult disability checklist. If you meet the eligibility requirements, gather the necessary information and supporting documents, and submit an electronic application via the website.

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Eligibility requirements for permanent disability payments include that you have a medical condition that prevents and will permanently prevent regular employment. Specific details and information about the medical condition is required, including contact information for all of your doctors and prior dates of relevant doctor visits. Specific names and dates of all relevant medical procedures is required, along with the names of any prescription medication associated with the medical condition. Check the list of eligible medical conditions, disabilities and illnesses to ensure yours is listed.

In addition, employment information and supporting financial records are necessary for approval for permanent disability payments. Information about your last five employers may be requested. You must accurately report any workers compensation, annuities and any type of income with supporting documents. These supporting documents can include bank statements, W-2s, tax returns and payment receipts.

Once you have completed and submitted the application, along with the supporting documents, it is processed. Once an application is approved, permanent disability payments begin.

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