How Do You Apply for Legal Aid in Texas?

To apply for legal aid in Texas, residents can call a local legal aid office and schedule a phone or in-person intake interview to determine eligibility for services, according to Lone Star Legal Aid. Some agencies offer online applications for Texas residents in need of legal aid services.

Online screening applications for the Texas RioGrande Legal Aid organization begin the intake process for acquiring legal aid in Texas, according to organization's website. The agency reviews the information submitted online and evaluates if the individual meets the criteria to receive services. The application process continues with a phone or in-person intake interview. Applicants are evaluated for eligibility based on immigration, assets and income requirements established by the Texas Legislature, U.S. Congress and funding sources offered to legal aid organizations. Individuals who cannot afford private attorneys may receive assistance through a Texas legal aid entity.

In many districts, legal aid in Texas is available for individuals needing legal assistance for uncontested divorces and issues such as screening for educational delays and protective orders, according to Texas RioGrande Legal Aid.

Texas legal aid organizations seek to help veterans, seniors, people with disabilities, children and the homeless, according to Lone Star Legal Aid. Many clients of legal aid face challenges due to rural living locations, language barriers and limited literacy. In the event an individual is unable to complete an application on his own, an in-person intake process is available at most legal aid offices.