How Do You Apply for the Joe Kennedy Oil Assistance?


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As of 2015, you apply for the Joe Kennedy oil assistance program, Joe-4-Oil, by calling the toll-free telephone number on the Citizens Energy Corporation website, and speaking with a customer service representative. Applications cannot be submitted online, as stated by Citizens Energy Corporation.

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The representative takes some preliminary information over the telephone, and then mails the applicant an income-verification form. There are no citizenship requirements, and proof of immigration status is not needed. The applicant must fill in his income, and then sign and return the form by mail. If the applicant qualifies for the program, a voucher is sent to his home address. When the voucher is received, the applicant contacts an approved oil dealer and schedules a delivery.

This program only approves a one-time delivery of 100 gallons of heating oil, per household. It is not an emergency service, because the entire process takes four-to-five weeks to complete. The program partners with CITGO Petroleum, and contracts with thousands of heating oil dealers in 25 states to deliver oil to those in need. Check the map on the Citizens Energy Corporation website to see which states participate in the program. Applicants do not have to be on federal assistance to qualify for the Joe-4-Oil program.

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