How Do You Apply to Be an IHSS Provider?

To apply to become an IHSS provider, an applicant fills out the SOC 426 enrollment form, which is available from the County IHSS office or a Public Authority office. The form is also available online on the California state website and local county websites. The applicant takes this form, a Social Security card and a government-issued photo ID to his local IHSS offices and then undergoes fingerprinting and a background check. Afterward, he attends orientation and signs an enrollment agreement.

Often, the IHSS office asks applicants to submit three references in addition to the rest of the required paperwork and procedures. Prior to orientation, an applicant undergoes an interview with a registry official. If the applicant wishes to transport customers in the IHSS program to medical appointments, he must have proof of current auto insurance, a valid drivers license and driving record.

The only fee in the application process is $20 for finger-printing, as of 2015. The full process takes six to seven weeks before the applicant is fully enrolled and attends an orientation session. Orientation sessions are group sessions, and multiple sessions are available during different times of the day. Generally, the sessions occur on Fridays; however, that varies depending on the county.