How Do You Apply for HEAP Under MyBenefits New York?

How Do You Apply for HEAP Under MyBenefits New York?

Apply for the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) under MyBenefits New York by printing the HEAP application form, completing the required fields and submitting the form to the county's HEAP certifier. Residents living outside of New York City can navigate to to apply online, notes the official New York State government website.

HEAP is a state-administered federally sponsored energy assistance program that provides heating benefits to qualifying households, particularly those with low income. In New York, this program is assigned to several services agencies, including the Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance, state Office for the Aging and state Division of Housing and Community Renewal. These local departments accept applications for the HEAP grant, states

Individuals must wait for the HEAP application acceptance period to begin before they can obtain a copy of the printable HEAP application form. Once the form becomes available, follow the steps below to apply for the HEAP grant.

  1. Visit
  2. Open an Internet browser and go to Look for the page where the HEAP application form can be accessed. Download and print the form, which includes instructions.

  3. Provide information
  4. Complete the form by filling out the required fields with the use of black or blue ink. Place name and signature on page five of the document.

  5. Submit form to the local HEAP certifier
  6. Visit the county's HEAP certifier and pass the application form.