How Do You Apply for a Hardship License in Florida?


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To apply for a Florida hardship driver’s license, visit the Florida Administrative Reviews Office, select the county of residence, and click on the link Under Suspension – Need Driver License for Work link, states DMV.org. Take the necessary test, enroll in a driver course and pay all related fees.

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A Florida driver cannot apply for a hardship driver’s license if the suspension or revocation of his license was due to a second DUI offense or a refusal to submit to blood alcohol testing or if he is not capable of safely operating a motor vehicle, notes DMV.org. The hardship license cannot be for a hardship CDL if the driver has been disqualified from driving a commercial vehicle. Florida drivers who are classified as habitual traffic offenders who have their licenses revoked for DUI must also submit proof of DUI school enrollment.

As of 2015, the fees for reinstatement of a Florida driver’s license are $45 for suspensions and $75 for revocations, according to DMV.org. Additional fees may be assessed according to each driver’s circumstances. For example, suspensions due to child support arrears or unpaid parking tickets adds an additional $60 to the cost of reinstatement, while suspension for failing to maintain car insurance costs an additional $150. DMV fees and court costs may also be assessed, depending on the driver’s case.

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