How Do You Apply for a Handicap Parking Placard?


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To apply for a disability parking placard, visit your local Department of Motor Vehicles or clerk's office to acquire an application, according to DMV.org. Fill out the application, part of which a certified physician must fill out, and submit to your local DMV in-person or by mail along with any fees. The application is also available to download and print from your state DMV website. The application process varies by state.

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In some states, such as New York and Kentucky, your local clerks office issues handicap parking placards, states DMV.org. The application process varies from office to office, but a common requirement in many states includes filling out an application for a parking permit for persons with severe disabilities, which requires a doctor's certification of the qualifying disorder, and the doctor's signature on the application. Submit the application in-person or by mail to the clerk's office.

Other states, such as Missouri, require filling out an application with the state Department of Revenue, reports DMV.org. The DMV.org website contains a list of application information and how to apply by state on its website.

Medical conditions determined by the DMV eligible for issuance of a disability parking placard include inability to use one or both arms, inability to walk without assistance, Class III and Class IV cardiac conditions, and requiring portable oxygen to walk, states DMV.org.

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