How Do You Apply for a Gun Permit?

The application process for a gun permit often includes a background check, assurance that the applicant has knowledge of relevant firearm laws, and written and performance-based tests that verify that the applicant can safely handle and store a gun, according to the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. However, the application process for a gun permit, or license, in the United States varies by region

For example, safety training or testing is required in some states, such as California, Connecticut and Massachusetts, writes the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. In the state of New York, New York City has a different procedure from the rest of the state.

To apply for a gun permit in New York City, submit an application, which can be downloaded from the Police Department's website, along with photographs, a birth certificate, arrest and criminal history, and proof of citizenship and residence, writes the New York City Police Department. An applicant who has served in the armed forces must show military discharge paperwork, and a business owner applying for a weapon for use in connection with the business must submit proof of ownership for his business. Present the completed application form and the accompanying materials to the New York City Police Department License Division.

Onandaga County is also located in the state of New York, but an applicant in the county must complete a handgun safety course. He must then present the certificate of completion, photo identification and the completed online application, available on the Onandaga County Sheriff's Office website, at the Sheriff's office, according to its website.