How Do You Apply for Fuel Assistance?


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Apply for fuel assistance from your state's Health and Human Services Office through the federal Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. Each state in the United States establishes its own application policies and procedures concerning energy assistance, including eligibility criteria and designations regarding state emergencies.

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Fuel assistance is typically provided in the event of a state energy crisis or emergency. There is no formal application for procuring energy assistance: the release of funds is dictated by Congress and the respective state governments. The amount of funding and the respective allocation are determined by the president.

Fuel assistance provided under the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program is provided as a block grant, which gives states discretion in designing and implementing their individual assistance programs. This structuring allows the individual state governments to interpret and determine renter and landlord eligibility, benefit amount and the associated payment process.

The interpretation and definition of a "household" is also determined by each individual state. The federal government distributes fuel assistance funds to the states. From there, each state designs its own program based on a broad federal framework. Contact your state's Health and Human Services Office to get answers to questions regarding the program as a whole or specifically eligibility for fuel assistance.

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