How Do You Apply for Food Stamps in Florida?


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Apply for food stamps in Florida online at myflorida.com/accessflorida, in person at your local customer service center, or use a paper form that can be mailed or faxed to the service center, states the Florida Department of Families and Children. You will need to meet certain requirements.

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To qualify for the Florida Food Assistance Program, formerly known as the Florida Food Stamp Program, says Benefits.gov, fully fill out the application for benefits either online, in person or on the paper form and mail or fax it in, and provide documentation that you meet the eligibility requirements.

The Florida Department of Families and Children states that you must confirm your identity with the appropriate documents, meet any work requirements, not exceed income limits, prove residency and citizenship, and provide a Social Security number. In addition, applicants must cooperate with child support collection, not exceed asset limitations and comply with all reporting requirements. You can expect to provide copies of any pay stubs from previous or current employment, other sources of income, proof of housing costs, utility bills, and other possible personal documentation as requested.

Some reasons for ineligibility are violations of Food Assistance Program rules, drug trafficking convictions, outstanding felony warrants, noncitizens without a qualified status and some college students, notes the Florida Department of Families and Children.

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