How Do You Apply for Food Stamps in California?


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To apply for food stamps in California, or CalFresh, print and complete the appropriate application, deliver the application to the local branch office, attend the interview, provide necessary documentation, provide all verification and wait for acceptance. Expedited service is available for families who qualify.

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  1. Print and complete the application

    Print and complete the application for CalFresh benefits. Applications are available through local county offices and via the official Benefitscal.com website. Be sure to fill out the applications as completely as possible and sign in the designated areas.

  2. Deliver the application

    Deliver the application by postal mail or by taking it to the local county office. Applications are accepted the same day they are delivered, although an interview may not be scheduled on that day.

  3. Attend the interview

    Attend the scheduled interview with a representative. The interview is conducted, either in person or by phone.

  4. Provide the required documentation

    Provide the county office with the required documentation and verification information. This includes, but is not limited to, birth certificates, social security cards, income verification, proof of residency and proof of citizenship status.

  5. Wait for acceptance

    Wait for a notice to come by postal mail. Notices are received within 30 days of application unless the expedited service requirements are met. In that case, acceptance acceptance occurs within three days of application.

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