How Do You Apply for Food Stamp Recertification?


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States vary in what they require for recertification of Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program. In general, a recipient must provide proof of income and assets and verify the number of household members to recertify. States determine whether applicants can do this by phone or in person.

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SNAP eligibility normally depends on household income, assets and household composition. The number of household members generally determines the amount of benefits for which a recipient qualifies. Any changes to these criteria affect the recipient’s future eligibility and benefit level, so states require periodic recertification. Regardless of the frequency or procedure required to recertify SNAP benefits, the overall objective is to ensure that the recipient remains eligible to receive the benefits and to determine for correct benefit level.

States differ in the frequency with which they require SNAP recertification. For example, Massachusetts can require monthly or annual recertification. California requires annual or biennial recertification for some recipients. New York requires biennial recertification for most recipients and annual recertification for special cases.

States also differ in how they conduct recertification. In Massachusetts, applicants can recertification by phone in nearly all cases. California requires recertification by phone or by an in-person interview if requested or if one seems warranted. Some categories of recipients never require an in-person interview. New York allows telephone recertification only if the recipient collects no other benefits.

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