How Do You Apply for Emergency Housing Assistance?


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Find application information about local emergency housing assistance programs by visiting the Department of Health and Human Services page, or equivalent agency, at your state government website. States such as New Hampshire provide online emergency assistance applications that must be completed and submitted to the required agency for consideration. Emergency assistance funds for housing are limited, and you must demonstrate need by proving you are facing eviction, homelessness or living in a home without adequate utilities.

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State residency is often required to receive emergency assistance funds for housing. Families seeking emergency shelter assistance in Massachusetts must satisfactorily prove the legal status of one household member, in addition to state residency. Access to assistance might also be dependent on proving your housing crisis is caused by a situation such as domestic violence or a natural disaster that destroyed your dwelling. You might also qualify for assistance if you are living in your car or a dangerous, unstable environment.

Things that can disqualify you from receiving emergency assistance are housing problems due to quitting a job or refusal to take part in job-training programs. To increase your odds of receiving quick help, bring your emergency assistance application to the agency as early as possible during normal business hours. Bring supporting documents that prove eligibility, and request to be placed in a shelter while you obtain additional documents.

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