How Do You Apply for EBT Benefits?

To apply for an EBT card, visit the United States Department of Agriculture's website, and choose How to Apply for SNAP Benefits. From there, choose the state in which you wish to apply, and locate the local SNAP office to continue the application process.

Individuals interested in applying for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program’s Electronic Benefit Transfer card, or SNAP and EBT, should apply through the local SNAP offices, as these programs are administered at the state and county level. Applications for the EBT card can be submitted online in the 48 continuous states and can also be submitted in person at the local SNAP office in every state. Most states have SNAP hotlines where residents can call for more information on the application process.

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Application can be obtained from the state’s SNAP program website and be filed online or printed and submitted at the local SNAP office in order to expedite the application process.

Contacting the SNAP office that serves the applicant's local area is the only way to apply for benefits. Any questions or concerns regarding the application process or eligibility should also go through the local SNAP office. Eligibility is determined by evaluating income, employment, and other resources and factors.