How Do You Apply for CPP Disability Benefits?


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To apply for CPP disability benefits, print the application forms from the Service Canada website and mail the completed forms to the nearest Service Canada office. To qualify for CPP disability benefits, you must have a severe disability and must be under the age of 65.

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You must apply for CPP disability benefits immediately after developing a severe prolonged disability that prevents you from working consistently. Keep copies of all submitted documents including the names of officials from Service Canada that were contacted. Service Canada pays doctors a fixed amount for completing the medical examination, which is part of the application, upon receipt of an invoice; the applicant pays any extra costs. Applications by individuals with terminal illnesses are prioritized and reviewed within 48 hours of being received to ensure that these applicants start receiving benefits soon, if their applications are approved.

Some people have criticized the Canadian government for establishing the Social Security Tribunal in 2013 under a new system. Such critics point at the high number of rejected applications for CPP disability benefits, with only 43 percent of appeals being successful in 2013-14. Under the new tribunal, appeals are heard by one tribunal member, which increases the chances of bias. Applicants are also not allowed to introduce new evidence at the second level of the appeal process.

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