How Do You Apply for Child Support in New Jersey?


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To apply for child support services in New Jersey, visit the online child support page managed by the New Jersey of Human Services. Through the website, a child support application can be submitted or downloaded and printed, explains the New Jersey Child Support Program. Alternatively, an application can be obtained through a county's family court, probation division or board of social services. The completed forms can be turned into a local family division, if not submitted online.

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Child support applicants can apply for full or partial support services, according to the New Jersey Child Support Program. Partial services include location of parent only, paternity establishment only, medical support only and monitoring only.

In addition to obtaining child support through the New Jersey Child Support Program, individuals can obtain child support with the aid of attorneys or private collection agencies. Individuals can also receive direct payments of child support from the responsible party, explains the New Jersey Child Support Program. The New Jersey Child Support Program works with community agencies, schools, correctional facilities and hospitals to provide a range of services to parents.

The New Jersey Child Support Program uses government and commercial databases to locate the noncustodial parent when necessary, explains the program's website. In addition, the program provides assistance in processing the necessary paperwork for obtaining an order of support. The program processes child support payments received within 48 hours and offers the option of direct deposit for placing the funds into a parent's account.

To enforce a child support order, the New Jersey Child Support Program can take actions such as income withholding, passport denial and license suspension, according to the program's website. The program can seize assets or use bench warrants to enforce child support orders as well.

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