How Do I Apply for Charitable Help?


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The process of applying for charitable help varies according to the policies of different institutions and the type of assistance needed. About.com recommends applying to hospitals as a way of determining eligibility for charity medical care. Additionally calling 2-1-1 from a landline phone connects to referrals and information on local assistance programs that are available, such as state and local government funds, churches and other community organizations that help those in need.

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The Need Help Paying Bills website notes that there are a number of local and national organizations, and church groups, that provide rent and utility assistance. These groups provide medical debt assistance, clothing, job training and other forms of aid. People who typically qualify for assistance from these organizations are the elderly, children, the disabled and families. Those who cannot get access to these resources are often provided with referrals or placed on waiting lists.

Catholic charities in particular provide financial assistance for rent and bills, along with assistance during the holidays. The goal of Catholic charities is to reduce poverty and bolster families. Other church groups provide the same form of assistance, and the number of church-based charity programs increase in tougher economic times. Community action organizations and non-profit associations work in similar ways, offering help with things such as heating bills during the winter season. Food banks, which are typically operated by community groups, churches or government agencies, regularly distribute food to those who cannot afford to pay for groceries.

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